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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Enfant les vacances! :)

From 13th to 16th i was in KL for my vacation time. I went there with my frens.. best siot! Dah lame nk ngedate sesame camni.. ni baru ade pluang.. Yelah, masing2 byk keje..
I went there by bus.. Sampai Hentian Putra my fren fetch me up there.. I stay umah my adik angkat at Taman Melati.

Dah lame xrase hepi camni.. Kitorg jln2 pusing KL sume.. watching muvie.. makan2 xterkata la byknye.. sampaikan nk jalan pn da xlarat.. bwk perut lebih.. hahaha
Even penat cmne pun kitorg enjoy gilew tau... byk sgt kenangan kitorg sepanjang olidey ni..
ade yg jatuh tejelepuk tepi jalan laa.. gara2 pakai high heel.. <>

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