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Im juz an ordinary lady.. Nuthin special bout me.. I love my husband & my family so much... Like to do anything sound in my head tell me to do. Not too messy n clumsy.. Nice n friendly for sure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My wish for u

Happy birthday to you,
All my wishes are going to be for u,
May u are given a good health,
Wish u get what u wish for,
I'll always pray for ur happiness,
May Allah bless u.. AMIN.



  1. Dear Izah..

    "happy Birthday to him/her oso.."

    Great day!

  2. selamat........hari lahir
    kat sape?...kwn miss izah,,kot

  3. Salam,

    U must have gone thru a lot & it is not easy. I've gone thru and going thru a different chapter but the experience is the same. In the end it boils down to our internal strength & iman. Every experience teaches us to be stronger and better. Do not keep to yourself but find a good and trusted listener for you could not bear it alone in silence.

    Seems like you are getting better with new resolved and objective/aim in life. May Allah swt guide you to succeed in all your future endeavour.

    1. u r still young to be bothered about queries on marriage.
    2. Prefer to be "Anonymous" for now


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