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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My dear's big day =)

Salam semua.
Today, hari yang plg special buat my dear, LOL-Pearls
So, i've make a special entry for u..=)

Happy Birthday to u,
Happy Birthday to u,
Happy Birthday to my dear Pearls,
happy Birthday to u...

"Wish u all de best in wutever u do n all ur dream will come true.."

Dear, sorry i curik ur pic kt fesbuk. Jgn marah tau. hihi

"Dear, so sorry jugak coz i dah xde masa nk spend ngan u since 2 months ago.
Skrg nk text ngan u once a day pn da xsempat.. uhuhu
But just remember, i'll always missing u =)
Luv u always n take care urself there..."

Footnote: Teringat bantal 'LOVE' pemberian Pearls for my beday present last 2 months. Tapi bantal tu aku simpan kt umah elok2 takut if aku bawak ke mana2 nant lusuh warna merah menyala tu. =) TQ my dear! *muaxx*


  1. heppy besday to ur dear..huhu

  2. Hepi besarday wat adikku ini...

    Cayang sangat ngan dak nih...

    harap dia dpt mnmbahkan berat badan dia taun nih...heheh

  3. Dear Izah,
    Mcm blushing lak..

    Thanks much dear.
    Thanks ingat birthday I.
    Mcm nak hug2 jer dear I nie.

    So sweet of you.
    May all ur dreams come true and be happy okey.

    Love ya dear.


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