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Im juz an ordinary lady.. Nuthin special bout me.. I love my husband & my family so much... Like to do anything sound in my head tell me to do. Not too messy n clumsy.. Nice n friendly for sure.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear eyes, dont make me suffer...

I couldnt sleep... I've trying enough to close my eyes but i'm still awake until now... 3 o'clock already. There's lot of thing on my mind. My body is damn weak. How tired my mind. Oh God, please make me stop thinkin all these craps..

Notakaki: "Allahummabismika hayya waamut..."
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  1. baca al-muawwizat(3 kul) supaya di hindari iblis yang menggangu urusan kita nak tidor


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