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Im juz an ordinary lady.. Nuthin special bout me.. I love my husband & my family so much... Like to do anything sound in my head tell me to do. Not too messy n clumsy.. Nice n friendly for sure.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My brightest day...

Now, my life is much more better than before.. I can forget anythings now.. sumthings dat i dun need to care about.. juz throw away from my mind! My life bcome more happening without any kinda of probs..

i feel so enjoyed with my own life now.. nobody who care bout me.. i can do anything sound in my head! Nobody can stop me from doin all dat things.. I feel good acceli.. With a circle of my frens...damn supportive! I lurve u ols.. u r owez be by my side and lend ur shoulder wen i need it to cry.. Yeah, surely.. love is so sweet n lovely wen ur in lurve.. and remember, once u hurt, it forever staying in urs.. u cant do anythings.. u cant run away from dat suck of feelin'..

I had felt so many time before and rasenye cam xsggp lagi nk rase sume tu..
The value of mine cant be found anywhere... cant be trade nmore! as a human being, i need to find sumthing dat can make me satisfy and i feel njoy with my own life.. nobody cant bother my privacy!

but now, everythings is gone.. i can forget all d suck things stucked in my head before!
i wish i could do sumthing better for my own life..



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