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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shopping tudung.. whee~

Petang td aku p Jerteh jap.. p beli barang2.. then tetibe rase cam nak shoping tudung.. hahahaaku p jelaa kt pasar jeteh tu.. towards to Butik Izzah Collections..
belek2 la tudung kt ctu.. quite mahal gk la.. aku bajet rm20 below je.. ahhahaa
sbb nk beli 2,3 helai gk laa..
then, tetibe tnampak tudung ni.. mmg tudung labuh tp aku punye stail aku tersendiri la..
aku pun try laa.. ok gk.. then try decorate skit kasi ade stail.. ape lg.. jadik! hahaha
beli laa 3 helai.. sehelai rm16.. tp lawa beb..
beli 3 helai dpt rm40! so cheap i told u.. :D

* ni laa gmbr tudung aku beli tu.. hehehe


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