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Monday, August 2, 2010

Award & tag?

1.Thanks and link the person that tagged you.
Hoho.. dah lame kot tak dapat award. Given by Diela. Thanks dear.

2.Tag 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think fantastic.
Erk.. ramainye kene tag?? hohohoh! I taknak tag orang tapi nak bagi dis cutie award to all my loyal readers and followers.. boleh tak gitu? ehe

3.Contact that blogs and let them know they have been tagged.
Done... :)

4.State 7 things about yourself
~ im not such a morning person
~ kalau dah cakap itu.. itu lah
~ degil tapi menurut kata
~ bile ade prob, mesti kene ade teman di sisi ;)
~ tak suke bile ade orang tak dikenali dtg menganggu.. hoho
~ suke buat orang gelak.. such a clown kot. haha
~ benci orang yang suke menipu

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